The Unstoppable Woman in Business – ebook

The Unstoppable Woman In Business: A Woman’s Entrepreneurial Blueprint to Convert Setbacks into Solutions and Strategies to Successfully Step Out, Stand Out and Soar in Business. (Woman Of Purpose Global Movement Book 2)

Want to know how to become UNSTOPPABLE in Business? Want to read the inspiring stories on women overcoming the obstacles to leave a legacy?

It’s your time to be unstoppable. Read it now

Four Global Women, leading to inspire, influence and impact women of purpose. Sharing a common vision to help educate, empower and elevate them to lead unstoppable lives, build empires, global brands and legacies that stand the test of time.

This anthology is volume two of a 24-part series compiled by author-expert, publisher Nella Chikwe and founder of The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose Global Movement, as she embarks on a mission to collaborate with women entrepreneurs who share their stories and blueprint for success. They demonstrate how they have converted their setbacks into solutions to successfully step out, stand out and SOAR in business.

Recognising them: Melissa Brown (USA), Sarah Griffiths (Aust), Hazel Todd (Aust), and Veronika Whyte (Aust).


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